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Website Review

Wondering whether your site needs a complete overhaul vs. a tune-up? My website review gives the most bang for your buck, along with the truth about what’s working on your site — and more importantly, what’s not. I’ll review your site and provide a written report that outlines clear, prioritized steps you can take to to improve your site, so that your students can quickly find what they need.

Web Development

I specialize in building clean, affordable, easy-to-use websites that you can easily manage on your own.

Your website is often the first time a student encounters you, so your site must reflect who you are as a teacher. Your web presence is critical to your yoga business and developing connections with students that extend beyond the mat.

Business Coaching

New to running your own business? Overwhelmed by too many things on your to-do list? I’ve run projects spanning two weeks, two years, and everything in between. I’ve built three businesses from scratch. I know how to prioritize and where to invest your time and money. I’ll help you determine the most important tasks to ensure your business grows efficiently and effectively.

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Katie Myer, Professional YogiI'm Katie, your new business mentor. I'm a yoga teacher and business strategist who's going to show you how to build a solid reputation on and off the mat.

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